Reza Aslan Calls Trump a “Terror Leader,” Calls for MAGA Movement to Be “Eradicated”

Reza Aslan, who hosted the CNN series “believer” is fanning the flames of controversy by calling President Trump a “white nationalist terror leader.”

Aslan also is calling all Trump supporters “white nationalist terror supporters” and is calling the MAGA hat the equivalent of a “KKK hood.”

Aslan also is also appeared to call for the entire MAGA movement to be “eradicated.”


Many responded to Aslan and were not impressed.

Some even saw his words as a direct threat.

Aslan then further fanned the flames of hate by telling Kellyanne Conway “You are the ‘depraved evil’ we need to eradicate.”

Aslan then tweeted

The President is a violent hate leader who daily promotes terrorism against Americans who look like me and my children, so if you’re someone who thinks I should “watch my language” in responding to this racist pig you can go fuck yourself too.