Reunited: Obama teams up with Biden for the first time in the 2020 presidential campaign

Monday former President Barack Obama tweeted:

I’m joining my friend @JoeBiden tomorrow to talk about everything that’s at stake in this election.

I hope you’ll join us, too. This is a critical moment in our history––and all of us have to do our part to build this country into what we know it can be.


Fox News reports Joe Biden’s presidential campaign says former President Obama’s return to the campaign trail on his behalf is already a success.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign announced hours before a Tuesday afternoon virtual grassroots fundraiser co-hosted by Obama and Biden that $4 million had been raised so far by the event from more than 120,000 contributors.

Biden aides spotlighted that the haul from the Obama-Biden event had already far surpassed the $1 million raised from 35,000 donors at a grassroots fundraiser last month with Biden and one-time 2020 Democratic primary rival Pete Buttigieg, the former South Bend, Indiana mayor.

For Obama, the virtual event marks a return to the presidential campaign trail. It’s the former president’s first event for Biden since endorsing his right hand man in the White House for 8 years. Obama stayed neutral in the wide open Democratic primary race – which at one point sported a roster of more than two dozen candidates. He gave his support to Biden in April after the former vice president’s final rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, suspended his campaign and endorsed Biden.

The joint fundraiser is expected to kick off a busy schedule for the former president busy scheduled heading into the fall on behalf of Biden and down ballot Democrats.