Pelosi responds to question about Obama’s bash “I didn’t go. I had other parties to go to”

According to a new report from DailyMail “Nancy Pelosi attended church on Martha’s Vineyard on Sunday morning”

The report claims “Pelosi was originally invited to Barack Obama’s 60th birthday on Saturday night, but was cut from the list when he was forced to reduce the event in size”

Also “on Saturday afternoon Pelosi bumped into Obama at the Vineyard Haven County Club, while she was having lunch with Oprah Winfrey”

“One worker at the party told that 300-400 people attended the bash, held at the Obama’s estate on the island,” the report adds.

From DailyMail:

Pelosi was seen leaving St. Elizabeth’s Church in Edgartown, where she had sat in the back row during the service.

On leaving church well-wishers asked her for photographs, and the Speaker of the House smilingly obliged.

Kevin Blake, 61, a lawyer visiting Martha’s Vineyard from Connecticut with his wife Karen, shouted out: ‘Hiya, how was Obama’s party?’

Pelosi, the most senior Democrat in the House, replied: ‘I didn’t go. I had other parties to go to.’

He laughed and said: ‘Thanks for keeping the Republicans in line.’

Pelosi smiled, and posed for a picture with the couple.

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