Republicans Slam Justice Roberts After Ruling To Uphold DACA Protections

Conservatives slammed Justice Roberts after he sided with the 4 liberal justices in a landmark decision on DACA protections.

Rep. Jim Jordan tweeted:

Chief Justice Roberts does it again.

First, Obamacare. Now, DACA.

What’s next?

Our second amendment gun rights?

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch wrote:

Chief Justice Roberts promised he’d be an umpire. Now he’s banging garbage cans from the dugout.

Senator Ted Cruz wrote:

Today’s decision led by Justice Roberts on was:
-Contrary to their judicial oath

Deanna Lorraine wrote:

At this rate let’s keep the DACA people and just deport Justice Roberts.

Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli wrote:

I used to use … I think after today’s rulings, I’m going to start typing it like this: . We need more good Justices.