SC Republicans propose law that would make it a crime to ask about vax status

According to Fox Carolina “a newly proposed law in the South Carolina Statehouse would make it a criminal offense for your employer – or anyone – to ask about your vaccination status.”

The bill H.4848 says “…any representative of a public, private, or nonprofit entity…who inquires about Covid-19 vaccination status…must be fined not more than $14,000 or imprisoned not more than one year.”

William “Bill” Chumley (R, District 35), one of the co-sponsors of the bill said “the government has no place in making you or telling you to take the vaccination, or threatening your livelihood if you don’t.”

“South Carolina didn’t want to get in this fight,” Chumley told Fox. “It was brought to us by the federal government.”

“States have a right to impose certain laws if they want to, and to not impose others we feel are unconstitutional,” he added.

The bill is heading to committee.