Republicans block Inaugural Committee from passing resolution that acknowledges Biden as president-elect

Per Heather Caygle of Politico:

NEW: The Inaugural Committee fails to pass simple resolution essentially acknowledging Biden as president-elect after all Republicans opposed.

Hoyer offered the resolution, which failed 3-3. Other committee members are Pelosi, McConnell, McCarthy, Blunt and Klobuchar

She added in a subsequent tweet

The resolution was very basic, per folks with knowledge. It would’ve notified American people that Congress is preparing for inauguration of Biden and Harris “in coordination with health experts” as “we observe this transition of power.”

Here is Hoyer’s statement:

Blunt stated “It is not the job of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies to get ahead of the electoral process and decide who we are inaugurating. The JCCIC is facing the challenge of planning safe Inaugural Ceremonies during a global pandemic.”