Republican wins Mayor Race in Texas Border City Democrat Stronghold in Surprise to Many

In a surprise to many,  a Republican has won the Mayor race at the border city and Democrat stronghold of McAllen, Texas.

Ryan Girdusky wrote “Holy cow… Republicans just flipped the mayorship of McAllen, Texas. This was not expected and shows Hispanics in South Texas may have shifted with the GOP even post Trump”

Per Valley Central “Javier Villalobos defeated Veronica Whitacre in the June 5 runoff election to win the position as McAllen mayor.”

Amy Kremer responded by tweeting “This is HUGE!”

The city is reportedly more than 80% Hispanic. “It was a tight one, so I congratulate my opponent,” Villalobos said after his victory by just 206 votes.  “It was a very well run campaign. But we’re very glad and fortunate that we prevailed.”