Republican Tenney’s lead increases from 12 to 19 votes in nail Biter NY-22 House Race

Republican Claudia Tenney’s razor thin lead over Democrat Anthony Brindisi has increased from 12 to 19 votes in the still undecided nail biter NY-22 House race.

Tenney has picked up 25 votes while Brindisi picked up 17 from previously uncounted ballots.

According to “for now, Tenney leads Brindisi 155,519 to 155,500, according to unofficial returns from the eight counties in the district.

Those totals are likely to change again after Oneida County finishes its review of disputed ballots ahead of a court-ordered review of disputed ballots from all eight counties next week.

The biggest change Friday occurred in Chenango County where election officials counted 44 affidavit ballots and two absentee ballots that had not been previously included in their vote totals.”