Republican Tenney calls reports she is now behind by “12 or 13” votes in NY House Race “misleading”

Republican Claudia Tenney’s campaign is disputing reports that she is now behind by 12 or 13 votes against her Democrat incumbent opponent Anthony Brindisi in an unbelievably tight House race in New York’s 22nd District.

Tenney’s campaign said in a statement “today’s misleading and inaccurate tally is rife with errors and mistakes that must be rectified before this election is certified.”

They added “it is far from final. Our team will fight to ensure the rights of every voter who cast a legal and proper ballot are preserved and not diluted. … When that is done, we feel strongly that Claudia Tenney will be certified the winner of the race for the 22nd District of New York.”

Dave Wasserman of the Cook report had tweeted “BREAKING: sources on both Dem & GOP sides confirm that the final counts submitted by all 8 counties in #NY22 to NY Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte will show Rep. Anthony Brindisi (D) *ahead* of Claudia Tenney (R) by either 12 or 13 votes. Wow.”

However, he then added “I haven’t seen enough: this is far from over, and both #NY22 and #IA02 are likely to be fiercely litigated for months, given the infinitesimal margins involved.”

He also wrote “The stakes here are pretty high in these overtime races: the majority’s not at stake (as opposed to the GA runoffs), but they could make the difference between Dems/Pelosi having a majority by four seats (222) or six seats (224).”