Republican Senators Lay Groundwork For Bringing Impeachment Trial To A Close

OANN reports Republican senators are laying the groundwork for ending the impeachment trial. Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt said there will be no weekend session and senators will return on Monday for four more hours of closing arguments.

Lawmakers will then be able to debate the issues into Tuesday. Blunt added the final vote on the two impeachment articles will take place no later than 4:00p.m. EST on Wednesday.

“We decided the best thing for everyone involved is to come to that certain date, but try to eliminate any pain and suffering,” he said. “As if this hasn’t been painful enough.”

On Twitter, the lawmaker added the Democrats’ case used “two of the weakest articles of impeachment” to make a “half-baked case.”

“House Democrats can’t bring a half-baked case to the Senate and expect us to make something of it,” stated Sen. Blunt. “These are two of the weakest articles of impeachment you could possibly have.”

The announcement came after the Senate voted to block any witness testimonies on Thursday. In a 51 to 49 vote, senators shut down all attempts to introduce more evidence in the case.