Republican Mike Garcia grows lead to 219 votes Over Dem Rival in Nail Biter CA House Race

Republican lawmaker Mike Garcia has grown his lead of Democrat rival Christy Smith in what has been a nail biter showdown in the 25th district of California that has featured several lead changes.

Incumbent Garcia expanded his lead by 60 votes after 454 total votes were counted in portions of Ventura County.

The next update from Los Angeles County is coming Friday afternoon.

The race has been a back and forth see-saw battle as votes continue to come in.

Last Thursday Garcia held a 265 vote lead. This expanded to 432 Friady until a ballot dump netted Smith 1,719 more votes, putting her back in the lead Monday by 1,287.

Garcia regained his lead Tuesday to 159 votes and added 60 votes since.

This seat used to belong to Democrat Katie Hill and Garcia flipped it red in a special election.

UPDATE: Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political report tweeted that he believe there is “still a good chance” that Smith overtakes Garcia with remaining ballots. He added “We’ll see.”

There are still Ventura ballots left to be counted as well according to Wendy Leung, which are likely to be more favorable to Garcia than LA County ballots.