Republican Lee Zeldin raises $2.5 million for gubernatorial challenge against Cuomo

According to a new report from the NY Post “Republican Long Island Rep. Lee Zeldin reported Sunday that he has raised $2.5 million over ten days since announcing his bid for governor.

Zeldin jumped into the 2022 gubernatorial race as three-term Democrat incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo grapples with coronavirus nursing home death and sexual harassment scandals.”

Zeldin tweeted Sunday “Due to the continued dangerous and toxic incitement to violence by Maxine Waters, she should be immediately removed from Congress. Her rhetoric is poisonous.”

He wrote 3 days earlier “The U.S. Supreme Court has 9 Justices and it should stay that way. The push by Democrats to pack the Court with more Justices is an abusive, dangerous, & partisan power grab. We can’t start recklessly increasing these numbers every time power transfers from one party to another.”