Democrats are dominating requests for mail-in ballots in key swing states

According to a breaking new report from Fox News, election officials in key battleground states are noticing a surge of requests for absentee ballots by Democrats.

Per the report, the trend of Republicans in key states typically dominating voting by absentee ballot through the mail is being upended by a surge of requests from Democrats in key battleground states.

In North Carolina, a key swing state Trump is desperately is hoping to hold onto, more than three times as many Democrats than Republicans have sought absentee ballots so far.

The trend goes beyond North Carolina.

Florida is seeing 47.5% of requests for absentee ballots come from Democrats compared to only 32.5% from Republicans.

In Ohio, half the ballot requests are from Democrats, compared to 38% from Republicans.

The margin in Pennsylvania is even larger, where ballot requests are nearly three times greater for Democrats than Republicans.

According to a Pew Research poll conducted July 27-August 2nd, 60% of Trump supporters prefer to vote in person on Election Day, while 17% prefer to vote by mail.

In sharp contrast, 58% of Biden supporters prefer to vote by mail compared to 23% who prefer to vote in person.