REPORT: Weinstein Hopes to Stay in Hospital Until Sentencing to Avoid Rikers Island Prison

According to a new report from the Sun, convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein is hoping to stay at Bellevue Hospital until his sentencing hearing in a month in order to avoid going to the notorious Rikers Island prison complex.

Weinstein’s spokesman, Juda Engelmayer described Weinstein’s mood as “melancholy” and “very, very low right now.”

“He doesn’t like being left alone,” Engelmayer elaborated “When no one’s there, he said he’s just staring at the four walls. He can go stir crazy just staring at the emptiness.”

A 2015 CNN segment described what it’s like in Rikers Island and it’s a far cry from Weinstein’s lavish millionaire lifestyle that he’s used to.


The Sun reports Harvey Weinstein is allegedly trying to get officials to let him stay in the hospital until his sentencing hearing this month instead of going to Rikers Island prison.

A source close to the disgraced Hollywood media mogul told The Sun of the 67-year-old’s apparent attempts to avoid the notorious jail complex in New York City.

Weinstein was found guilty on February 24 of rape and sexual assault against two women and was led out in handcuffs.

But instead of going to Rikers, Weinstein was brought to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan for high blood pressure and heart palpitations, his lawyers said.

On Sunday, nearly a week later, he’s still in the hospital.

A spokesperson for Weinstein couldn’t comment on the claim he’s trying to stay hospitalized to avoid jail, but told The Sun Weinstein is at Bellevue for the time being.

On Saturday, the convicted rapist was spotted lounging at the hospital, according to pictures obtained by WPIX.

A source told the news outlet Weinstein has been “free to roam” around and hasn’t been handcuffed during his hospital stay.

He’s said to be “walking with the aid of a wheelchair,” and had been “holding on to its handles to go to the TV room, using it as a walker.”

On Friday morning, “he spent about an hour” in the TV room before he “walked himself back.”

During his trial, Weinstein notably used a walker to get into the courthouse.

But after he was convicted, he was led out a side door in cuffs without the walker.

Weinstein is reportedly getting 24/7 protection at the hospital from the Department of Corrections’ Emergency Service Unit.

Per WPIX, Weinstein’s walker was removed once he was placed in protective custody.

The source added to the news outlet: “Harvey does not want to go to Rikers.”

If Weinstein gets discharged from the hospital, he’ll likely end up in a protective unit at Rikers.

Once he’s sentenced, he’ll be moved to a New York state prison instead.

It’s up to the city’s corrections department to decide where inmates are housed.

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