REPORT: VP Harris’ staffers leaving in part because they fear being labeled a “Harris person”

A growing list of VP Harris staffers are calling it quits as the Vice President suffers from dismal approval ratings.

Per Fox News “The concern of being labeled a “Harris person,” as well as burnout and desire for greener pastures, are driving the exodus from the vice president’s office, sources familiar with the chaos in the VP’s office told Axios. ”

“One anonymous Democratic strategist said that Harris needs “someone loyal, who can think methodically to best position the vice president and to make sure everything she’s doing is being maximized and communicated to a broad population and get her numbers up,” the report continues.

Another Democrat operative said “If we mess this up, it’s going to set women back when it comes to running for higher office for years to come.”

Four senior staffers have now abandoned embattled VP Kamala Harris in less than a month.

Symone Sanders announced she’ll be resining this week, the second top Harris aide to resign in 2 weeks.

Former Harris Communications Director Ashley Etienne has also resigned amid Harris’ horrific approval ratings, which recently hit 28% in one mainstream poll.