REPORT: Turns Out Trump Was Already More Popular in Utah than Romney

It turns out that even before Mitt Romney made the decision to vote with Democrats to convict President Trump, his popularity in Utah was weak.

Per WashingtonExaminer, the Utah Policy survey showed that for the first time since his election, a majority of Utah voters approve of Trump’s job performance, echoing his surge in national surveys.

According to the poll analysis, “The survey, conducted for and 2 News by Y2 Analytics shows 52% of likely voters approve of President Trump, while 45% disapprove, giving the president a net-positive approval rating of +7.”

The same outfit in October found Romney’s job approval underwater, at 46%-51%.

“That is not good,” said the analysis.’

Per NBC, Romney’s decision to vote with Democrats to convict Trump has renewed speculation among GOP critics in Washington and in Utah that Romney has ulterior motives — jealousy, retribution, Oval Office ambition or some potent mix of all three. After all, Romney ran for president twice and lost before Trump won the job, and then Trump made him publicly audition for secretary of state before passing him over.

The Atlantic reports Romney is looking beyond the next year, and beyond the president’s base, as he tries to lay the groundwork for a post-Trump Republican Party.

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