REPORT: Trump’s Impeachment Trial Cost U.S. Taxpayers Millions

While not as costly as Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial, a new Fox Business report found Trump’s impeachment trial in the House cost U.S. taxpayers over 3 million.

That figure does not include the Senate trial and is guaranteed to rise.

One reason the costs are lower than the Clinton trial is the RNC paid for at least two of Trump’s private attorneys.

Bill Clinton set up a legal fund that failed to cover millions of dollars in bills before he left office.

FoxBusiness reports the third impeachment trial in U.S. history is rapidly heading toward a close, with President Trump’s acquittal all but guaranteed after the Senate on Friday rejected a call to allow new witness testimony.

According to an estimate from the Heritage Foundation in December, the Democrat-led House of Representatives inquiry, and eventual impeachment of Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress on Dec. 18, cost taxpayers an estimated $3.06 million.

That price tag includes the money spent on the salaries of 106 congressional staffers from the House Intelligence Committee, the Judiciary Committee and the Oversight and Reform Committee, who worked on impeachment from Sept. 24 to Dec. 13, according to the Daily Signal. It also included the estimated hourly fees of six attorneys who appeared during hearings.

At the heart of the impeachment case is the allegation that Trump intentionally withheld military aid from Ukraine in order to pressure the country to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, who served on the board of Burisma, Ukraine’s largest natural gas company, while his father was vice president.

Trump has maintained that he acted appropriately.

While the figure doesn’t include the Senate trial, the tab through December is sharply lower than the one for the impeachment investigation and trial of President Bill Clinton two decades ago. According to CNN, the independent probe into Clinton cost taxpayers $80 million in 1994.

The Republican National Committee is picking up the tab for at least two of Trump’s private attorneys, according to The Washington Post, a far different strategy than that employed by Clinton, who set up a legal fund that failed to cover millions of dollars in bills before he left office.