REPORT: Trump Draws 3x More Social Media Interactions Than Dem Opponents Combined

A new report and infographic from Axios shows just how incredibly dominant President Trump is in the world of social media interactions vs. his Democrat opponents.

The week ending October 27, 2019, Trump draw 46.9 million social media interactions.

#2 was Joe Biden with only 2.6 million, roughly 18 times less.

In fact, President Trump drew roughly 3 times more social media interactions than all his opponents combined.

From Axios

Why it matters: Trump attracted three times the attention of all the Democratic candidates combined, underscoring how he consumes the social media conversation.

By the numbers: The 2020 Democratic candidates picked up a combined 58 million social media interactions (likes, comments, shares) on stories about them. But that’s dwarfed by Trump’s 181 million, the NewsWhip data shows.

The big picture: As has been the case since he entered the Republican field in 2015, much of the online attention on Trump has been negative.

  • But the net effect of higher interactions means many more Americans learning about Trump’s comments, actions and policies and making determinations about them, rather than doing so for his Democratic challengers.
  • This reality extends beyond these measures: The same dynamic plays out on cable news, and Trump’s Twitter account is a bigger amplifier than any of his competitors.

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