REPORT: TikTok could be banned in US “within weeks”

According to a new report from the Telegraph, TikTok, a Chinese app very popular with Gen Y and Gen Z teens could be banned “within weeks” leaving these young influencers who amassed massive followings without their primary platform.

The Telegraph reports TikTok could be banned in the US “within weeks” as Donald Trump’s administration looks to blacklist the Chinese-owned viral video app over security concerns.

White House officials inside considering placing ByteDance, the Beijing-headquartered owner of TikTok, on the US Commerce Department’s entity list in a move that would effectively bar the use of the app, according to the Financial Times.

The Trump administration has previously made a similar move against Huawei, the Chinese telecoms firm that has faced allegations of posing a threat to national security. Huawei has repeatedly denied the calims.

Mark Meadows, the US President’s chief of staff, said that officials were looking at TikTok and other apps that “have the potential for national security exposure” over fears information was being gathered “on American citizens by a foreign adversary”

“I don’t think there’s any self-imposed deadline for action, but I think we are looking at weeks, not months,” he said.