REPORT: “There’s been zero interest in Colin Kaepernick” as NFL Season Nears

According to a new report from Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, as the NFL season approaches “there’s been zero interest in Colin Kaepernick.”

Florio writes that per a source “with knowledge of the situation” there was some interest expressed after George Floy’d death but it was “fake” interest and “seemingly out of guilt.”

Florio says there’s been no real interest “in month.”

This report is somewhat surprising considering the league, including Roger Goodell have largely conceded to Colin Kaepernick’s racial justice message, and form of protesting.

Last month, while appearing on former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho’s “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man” NFL Goodell said that he wishes “he had listened earlier” to what Kapernick was trying to bring attention to.

“We had invited him in several times to have the conversation, to have the dialogue,”  Goodell.

He added “I wish we had the benefit of that. We never did. And we would’ve benefited from that, absolutely.”

Goodell further went on to defend players kneeling during the national anthem and said it’s “not about the flag.”

“These are not people who are unpatriotic. They’re not disloyal. They’re not against our military,” the NFL commissioner said.

According to Florio’s report “The news that the Eagles will pay 41-year-old quarterback Josh McCown $12,000 per week for what amounts to a no-show, quarantine quarterback job underscores the widespread lack of interest in Kaepernick.”

Florio also challenged the notion that there is no interest in Kaepernick solely because he is too expensive.

“The naysayers already are saying that Kaepernick doesn’t want $12,000 per week to stay in shape (as he is) and to be ready to play (as he is) in the event of a rash of COVID-19 cases in the quarterback room. So why not call his bluff?” Florio asks.

He continues “Why not offer him a similar no-show arrangement on the practice squad of the Bills or Patriots (given the offense they’ll be running with Cam Newton) or the Ravens or the Steelers or the Texans (he’d be the perfect replacement for Deshaun Watson) or the Chiefs or the Chargers or the Cowboys (now that would be an effective anthem compromise) or the Cardinals or the Seahawks?”

In his report Florio laments “With each passing day, week, and month that teams avoid offering Kaepernick a job, it becomes easier to continue not offering him a job.”

Kaepernick has not played in a professional football game in 4 years now.

It’s not like millionaire Colin will be heading to the “poor house” though and he has certainly been busy.

Colin has become a cultural icon and leading activist for the racial justice movement and has worked with Nike in selling a signature shoe.

In July it was announced he has also signed a deal with Disney that for a ESPN docu-series that will be produced by Jemele Hill.

“I have always known Colin is on the right side of history and this is an opportunity to make sure history continues to always reflects that.” Hill tweeted.

Last November, after Kaepernick switched venues for a scheduled practice representatives from several teams were scheduled to attend, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith made the argument that in fact Colin Kaepernick doesn’t want to play, he wants to be a “martyr.”

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