REPORT “Thanks to Trump, the U.S. hasn’t admitted a single refugee since September”

A new article by Caitlin Dickson  from Yahoo is critical of President Trump for the United States not admitting a single refugee since September.

Yahoo reports October was the first full month in at least 18 years in which the United States did not admit any refugees.

On Tuesday, the State Department notified refugee resettlement agencies for the third time last month that all flights for refugees who have been approved to travel to the U.S. would be postponed. The delays have ground the resettlement program to a halt, leaving hundreds of refugees, including unaccompanied children who already completed a lengthy vetting process, in limbo in some of the world’s most dangerous locations.

Refugee arrivals are typically put on hold during the first week of October while the various federal, international and nongovernmental components of the refugee system adjust to implementing a new plan for U.S. admissions, which is set by the president each fiscal year through an official determination, which is usually signed sometime before the end of September.

“We’ve never seen a moratorium last this long,” said Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, president and CEO of Lutheran Immigrant Refugee Services, one of the country’s largest refugee resettlement agencies.

“By law, no refugees may be admitted in any given fiscal year until the President signs and issues the Presidential Determination on Refugee Admissions,” a State Department spokesperson said in a statement to Yahoo News earlier this week, confirming the latest extension of the ongoing moratorium on refugee arrivals. “We have now extended it through November 5.”

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While the article by Yahoo is clearly critical of Trump, the current top comments are pro-Trump.


According to Immigration Laws, and the Refugee Act – the sitting president has full authority with the sitting AG in deciding who is authorized, by country, in the US.

Democrats and MSM will spin it like it is the current president’s “policy or something or other” – it is the US law.


“October was the first full month in at least 18 years in which the United States did not admit any refugees.”

The US has accepted more refugees than any nation in the world and has no need or want for any more, at least for a long while. Let another nation, such as Japan or Israel, accept a few ten thousand refugees every year.


Thanks Yahoo! You’re helping Trump get re-elected with good news like this.


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