REPORT: Sondland Testimony Has Not Buckled GOP Support for Trump

According to a new report, the testimony of Ambassador Sondland has not resulted in any noticeable crack in GOP support for Trump.

While Democrats largely saw Sondland’s testimony as a damning Bombshell, Republicans focused on the fact Sondland’s “Quid Pro Quo” conclusion was largely his own opinion and murky.

After Sondland’s testimony, President Trump released a short 72 second video on social media that sums up the Republican argument on the key moments that make Sondland’s conclusion there was a “quid pro quo” arguable and ambiguous.


During a press gaggle, Rep. Jim Jordan argued:

“This is about, what I think Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House said Sunday… She called the President of the United States an imposter. Democrats have never gotten over the fact that this new guy whose never been in this town, whose never been in politics, this new guy has come in here and is shaking this place up and that drives them crazy. They’ve never accepted the will of 63 million Americans. They’ve never accepted the fact Donald Trump won an electoral college landslide.”



Congressional Republican support for President Donald Trump is showing no overt signs of buckling, the latest demonstration of how Democrats’ impeachment inquiry has left the two parties dwelling in different political universes.

Democrats have reveled in Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony that Trump was requiring a “quid pro quo” — specifically, a public Ukrainian commitment to investigate Democrats in exchange for a Trump Oval Office meeting that their newly elected president badly wanted.

Yet GOP lawmakers said Sondland’s revelations about how Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani had delivered Trump’s demands to diplomats hadn’t changed their minds. Sondland told the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday that he and others realized later that Ukrainian investigations were also Trump’s price for the embattled country to receive U.S. military aid already approved by Congress.

“A meeting, which is a nothing-burger?” Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said of one of Trump’s demands. “The president can meet with whoever he wants to meet with, for a good reason or no reason at all.”

“None of this” has risen to level of meriting Trump’s impeachment, said Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind. “And I’m pretty certain that’s what most of my cohorts in the Senate are thinking.”

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