REPORT: Prince Harry misses his royal family after leaving them

IBT reports Prince Harry stays connected with the royal family after exit since he misses them.

In January, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they were stepping back as senior members of the royal family. On April 1, they officially became non-working royals.

Prince William’s brother and sister-in-law flew to Canada after their bombshell announcement. They stayed there with their son Archie and returned last month to the U.K. to carry out their final engagements. According to reports, they have already moved to the United States and are currenly residing in a secluded place in Los Angeles.

Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus last month. He has been in isolation in the Windsor Castle, but he is doing fine. Prince Harry didn’t return to the U.K. despite the news, but he is reportedly still in contact with his family.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that Meghan Markle’s husband has been “staying in touch with his father and loves his grandmother.”

“Harry misses his family,” the source added.

“Charles found a great deal of comfort in their conversations while he was recuperating from coronavirus,” the insider said. “They speak, but it’s awkward. He’s hurt that Harry isn’t in London to support the family amid the coronavirus outbreak.”

Meanwhile, royal correspondent Rebecca English of Daily Mail shared that a source told her it wasn’t Prince Harry’s idea to turn his back from his family. The former “Suits” star had reportedly given him a stark ultimatum, telling him that his family is her and their son Archie.

Prince William’s brother was initially hoping to find a way to enjoy the freedom he desired with the royal family. However, his wife allegedly convinced him that there was no other way but for them to distance themselves from the Firm to be free.