REPORT: Only 3 in 260 Harvard Faculty Members Plan to Vote Trump

A new survey reveals faculty at Harvard are shockingly anti-Trump and  only 3 in 260 plan to vote for him.

DailyCaller reports out of 260 Harvard Arts and Sciences faculty member respondents, only three faculty members said they plan to vote for President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election, a survey of faculty shows.

A survey conducted by the Harvard Crimson found that 44% of faculty surveyed said they would vote for former Harvard Law School professor Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Only 20% of the faculty surveyed said they would vote for 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and only three out of 260 respondents said the would vote for Trump.

The poll also found that the majority of Harvard faculty identify as either very liberal or liberal: 38.4% of those surveyed identified as very liberal, 41.3% identified as liberal, 18.9% identified as moderate, and a mere 1.46% identified as conservative.

The survey closed before the Feb. 28 South Carolina primary, which former vice president Joe Biden won.