REPORT: NFL To Ditch On-Field National Anthem Singers This Season

Per Michael McCarthy of Front office sports:

BREAKING: NFL won’t allow National Anthem singers on-field this year. ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ will still be played. But due to COVID-19 concerns, performers will have to pre-tape the anthem – or have their rendition piped in live from an outside venue.

EXCLUSIVE: The NFL is ditching live on-field performances by U.S. National Anthem singers this season. Due to COVID-19 risk to players, the league may also curtail on-field access of Military/Police Honor Guards who present the American flag before games.

Per the report from Front Office Sports, the absence of anthem singers, and possibly military and police honor guards, won’t be the only changes inside NFL stadiums this year as the league deals with weighty social justice issues this season.