REPORT: Maxine Waters Has Paid Her Daughter $74K So Far This Year for “Slate-Mailing Management””

According to a new report from Newsmax “House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters, D-Calif., has paid her daughter in amounts totaling $74,000 for this year so far.”

Per the report “An FEC report for this year’s first and second quarters lists Waters’ daughter getting paid $45,000, and another report of recent filings indicate $29,000 was paid to Waters’ daughter for the third quarter.”

Waters’ daughter was paid via her work for “slate mailer management.”

Fox News write “slate-mailing is an uncommon practice in federal elections, where a consulting firm is hired to create a pamphlet of sorts that contains a list of candidates or policy measures, and advises voters how to cast their ballots.”

“Since 2003, Waters’ daughter has received more than $1.1 million in campaign contributions,” Newsmax adds.