REPORT: Hunter Biden’s New Wife is Pregnant and Expecting His Fifth Child

Hunter Biden’s new wife is pregnant and expecting his fifth child.

Mark Simone joked on Twitter “Though not yet born, the baby has already been offered seats on the boards of directors of several Eastern European companies.”

The NY Post reports Hunter Biden’s new wife is expecting a child, his fifth, a new report said Friday.

Melissa Cohen Biden, 32 — who is in her second trimester — showed off her baby bump as she ran some errands in Los Angeles on Thursday, the Daily Mail reported.

The pregnancy came as former Vice President Joe Biden’s son was in a scandalous paternity case with a baby mama in Arkansas, Lunden Roberts.

Per DailyMail, the pregnancy will come as a surprise to many, given scandal-ridden Biden’s messy paternity case with another baby mama in Arkansas.

Lunden Roberts, 28, filed suit against Biden, 49, in May, seeking child support for their 16-month-old child – a child Biden denied was his until a DNA test proved otherwise.

But it appears former Vice President Joe Biden’s troubled son now has another bouncing baby on its way, this time with his wife of seven months.

A close friend of Melissa told DailyMailTV that while the couple is ‘thrilled’ at having a baby, there’s also a lot of anxiety around the pregnancy.

They said: ‘Friends are deeply concerned, anyone who knows Melissa knows that she’s one of the sweetest people you can meet.

‘She’s in love with Hunter and of course they’re thrilled, but the pain and stress they’re going through every day is cause for real concern.

‘There is constant hatred directed towards them from Trump supporters and the President himself.

Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s baby, will get to grill Joe Biden’s scandal-ridden son under oath about his finances while he was on the board of an Ukrainian oil company, according to court papers obtained exclusively by

Biden, 49, is expected to bring all his financial records as Robert’s legal team plans to question him about his monthly earnings serving as a board member for Burisma.

The two are currently engaged in a high-profile paternity case after Roberts, 28, filed suit against Biden in May, seeking child support for their 16-month-old child.

The deposition will take place a few days before Christmas, on December 23, at 9am in Little Rock, Arkansas, according to court documents filed on Wednesday.

On Monday, Roberts filed papers with 47 requests for admission by Biden, including asking him to admit he ‘or an entity owned, controlled or under your direction or supervision’ received money from a Chinese person or entity for foreign and domestic investment purposes.’

The amount of money that Roberts is asking Biden to confirm is redacted in the seven-page document filed on Monday, but it has been widely reported that the vice president’s son was earning $83,000 a month for his role at the Ukrainian energy company.