REPORT: Hollywood Star McConaughey quietly making calls about potential run for Texas governor

According to a new report from politico, Hollywood Star Matthew McConaughey is quietly making calls as he weighs running for Texas governor.

McConaughey previously called the possibility a “true consideration.”

The report claims he “has been quietly making calls to influential people in Texas political circles, including a deep-pocketed moderate Republican and energy CEO, to take their temperature on the race and to talk about seriously throwing his hat in the ring, according to multiple people familiar with the conversations.”

“Most political strategists say they doubt McConaughey, a Texas native, will sacrifice his status as a beloved cultural icon in the state for the dirty business of politics. They don’t see a viable path forward, either, pointing to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s backing among the business community and millions in the bank — but the state’s political class is keeping a close eye on the Hollywood star’s plans nonetheless,” the report adds

In April a poll showed McConaughey holding a double digit lead over Texas Governor Greg Abbott in a hypothetical gubernatorial poll.

The University of Texas at Tyler poll of 1,126 registered voters found that 45 percent of registered voters would back actor McConaughey.

33% would back Governor Abbott, giving McConaughey a 12% lead.