REPORT: GOP Plans to “Steamroll” Dems With Another 30 Conservative Judges By Year End

A new report by Vice, shared by Ronna McDaniel and retweeted by President Trump, has a headline that will no doubt sound ominous to Trump opponents.

“Mitch McConnell Is About to Steamroll Democrats with Another 30 Conservative Judges By the End of the Year”

Ronna McDaniel shared the report and wrote “While Democrats are focused on smearing , Republicans are focused on confirming more conservative judges. Thank you President Trump and !

Per TheDailySignal, Trump so far has appointed 157 judges who have won Senate confirmation, and that number is expected to be 161 by the end of the week.

At this point in his presidency, Barack Obama had named 103 judges successfully, according to The Heritage Foundation’s Judicial Appointment Tracker.

Trump said that in the next two months, he will have appointed a total of 182 confirmed judges.

Besides naming two Supreme Court justices, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, Trump has had a significant impact on the U.S. Court of Appeals.

He has scored 43 appeals court confirmations across the 13 circuits, either twice or almost twice as many as any of the past five presidents garnered at this point in their presidencies.

Vice reports the face of some stunning electoral setbacks this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Trump are trying to get their party to refocus the mission at hand: confirming judges.

Now, with the government lurching ever closer to another shutdown in the coming weeks, and with Democrats opposing the GOP’s attempt to move on to a defense spending bill, McConnell is planning to confirm at least 30 conservative judicial nominees before year’s end, which will bring joy to Trump’s base and build a legacy that will outlast both of their political careers.

McConnell and Trump have already overseen the confirmation of more than 150 judges — a whopping 40 more than former President Barack Obama had confirmed at a similar point in his tenure.

McConnell got a standing ovation Wednesday at a White House celebration Trump held to mark the achievement, and they’re celebrating on the campaign trail, too. “So President Obama left Mitch and me and Rand [Paul] and all of us, he left 142 openings for judges,” Trump said to cheers at a Monday rally in McConnell’s home state, Kentucky. “You are not supposed to allow any. You don’t do that.”

Rest assured McConnell and Trump have no plans to do that. So while Democrats are obsessing over impeachment, and government funding remains at an impasse over funding for Trump’s border wall, McConnell is going to stick to his knitting and steamroll Democrats with another wave of judicial confirmations.

“The Senate will continue its work in the personnel business and confirm more of the president’s outstanding nominees to the federal judiciary,” McConnell said on the Senate floor this week. “Since our Democratic colleagues chose last week to filibuster defense funding and block the Senate from even considering legislation to fund our armed forces, we’ll turn our focus to confirmations while we wait for progress from them on appropriations.”

While the nation’s judiciary has historically been a snoozer for the Democratic base, the very mention of it is red meat to conservatives, and McConnell and Trump know it as Republicans head into a difficult election year. That’s why they’re redoubling their efforts to fill the judiciary with as many young, conservative ideologues as possible.

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