BREAKING: Gizzi, Gaetz call for Herschel Walker to run for Georgia Senate

In a new Op-Ed for Newsmax, John Gizzi calls for NFL legend Herschel Walker, a staunch Trump supporter to run for Georgia Senate.

With David Perdue exiting the 2022 race, speculation has grown as to who will challenge Raphael Warnock.

Gizzi suggests that person be Herschel Walker.

Gizzi writes “if anyone could be called a “hero” or “legend” in the Peach State, it is Walker. In a state where college football is considered the sport of kings, Walker starred with the University of Georgia’s Bulldogs, won the coveted Heisman Trophy in 1982 and was All-American three times.”

He goes on to explain “if the athlete has any problem with a Senate bid, it is that he lives out of state. But supporters say, given his heroic status, Walker would be accepted if he simply bought a house and moved back. As veteran Georgia public relations man Phil Kent put it, “He could move back to his hometown of Athens on ‘Herschel Walker Drive.'”

The idea was immediately embraced by Rep. Matt Gaetz on Twitter, who shared the story and added “endorse!”

Steve Deace writes “Herschel Walker US Senator? Hell yeah”

Meanwhile Leo Terrell has another idea, Herschel Walker for Governor of Georgia.