REPORT: FBI Wants to Talk to Prince Andrew as Fallout Continues

Fallout continues for Prince Andrew after his interview deemed by most to be a “train wreck.”

The Duke of York has reportedly already been kicked out of Buckingham Palace and has lost his yearly “salary.”

In addition new reports indicate the FBI is interested in speaking with Prince Andrew about his ties to Epstein and the former royal head of protection is calling for officers to spill the beans on what they know.

Per the Sun, the former head of royal protection has urged officers to end their ‘code of silence’ and tell what they know about Prince Andrew’s links to Jeffrey Epstein.

Dai Davies said “anyone with material evidence” should assist the FBI and any other law enforcement agencies with their probes into the shamed American paedophile.

He spoke out as The Sunday Times revealed the FBI is now looking to interview the Duke over his “very unique and helpful insights” into the twisted financier.

Davies urged officers in his old Scotland Yard unit to come forward and assist with all current investigations to “help bring to justice anyone concerned with this sorry saga.”

He said: “The royal protection officers have all decided that they cannot say anything, but I do not see how they can do that ethically, morally or legally.

“There is nowhere to hide on this matter. I do not think that the activities of Prince Andrew are covered by the Official Secrets Act.

The Duke of York was between his regal duties on two of the three occasions he is said to have bedded Epstein’s teen “sex slave.”

On the third occasion a royal aide revealed there were “gaps” in his duties where he was reportedly “unaccompanied.”

Roberts – then aged 17 – claims she was “forced” by Epstein to have sex with the Duke in London, in the shamed financier’s New York mansion and on his private island of Little St James.

“I would be very angry if my officers did not come forward,” he added.

On Friday, we told how the Prince “vanished” from official royal records for days at the exact times Virginia Roberts claims she had sex with him.

NY Post reports a week after Prince Andrew’s disastrous defense of his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein on the BBC, some American folks are lining up to be next to interview the reckless royal about his ties to the now-dead pedophile — the FBI.

“There’s been active discussions between the FBI and Department of Justice about interviewing Prince Andrew in relation to the Jeffrey Epstein case,” a Justice Department source told The Sunday Times of London.

“If he agrees to an interview, he could potentially provide some very unique and helpful insights and make a considerable difference to the investigation,” the source said.

Despite Epstein’s suicide in a Manhattan federal jail cell in August, the FBI is continuing to probe the millionaire financier’s alleged underage sex-trafficking ring. Investigators are looking at how they would interview Andrew in Britain, The Times said.

A source close to Andrew told The Times that Andrew would be “happy to cooperate” with the FBI.

Relieved of his royal duties by the queen last week, the Duke of York will face increasing social and family pressure to cooperate, royal watchers predicted.