Report calls Dems infighting and delayed infrastructure vote a “humiliating setback” for Biden

A new report from the DailyMail calls the infighting within the Democratic party and delayed infrastructure vote a “humiliating setback” for Biden.

Per DailyMail:

President Joe Biden suffered an embarrassing setback for his multitrillion dollar spending plans on Thursday night as Democrats abandoned a vote in Congress on his infrastructure bill and the party’s civil war escalated.

A day of private negotiations and public mudslinging ended shortly before 11pm as Biden’s congressional lieutenants called off the House vote amid a heated verbal war between moderates and progressives.

It leaves Biden’s domestic agenda hanging in the balance. Progressives are threatening to tank his $1 trillion infrastructure plan, which centrists support, if the moderate faction does not also back his broader $3.5 trillion social spending bill.

After meeting with White House officials, centrist Democrat Senator Joe Manchin sounded the death knell.

‘I don’t see a deal tonight,’ he said. ‘I really don’t.’

It meant House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was forced to delay Thursday’s planned vote on the bipartisan bill to rebuild roads and bridges, but she vowed to bring the measure to the floor on Friday.

‘There’ll be a vote today,’ a weary-looking Pelosi told reporters as she left the Capitol at 12.01am on Friday. ‘We’re not trillions apart.’

However, it remained unclear what progress — if any — had been made between the warring factions, and Pelosi has already twice delayed the vote after first promising it on Monday, and then on Thursday.

House progressives, who find themselves with growing leverage, have vowed to vote against the infrastructure bill unless there is progress on the bigger package that would raise taxes on America’s wealthiest to pay for social care, free education and other of Biden’s domestic priorities.

Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar, a leader of House progressives, told reporters: ‘Nothing has changed with our caucus members. We don’t have the votes to pass infrastructure.’

The result was Biden’s own party digging in to halt almost his entire domestic policy agenda.

The standoff cast a long shadow over the White House, where the lights burned long into the night.