Biden plans to call on governors to enact nationwide mask mandates once taking office

According to a new report from NBC, Biden plans to call on governors across the nation to enact mask mandates after he takes office next year.

A Biden advisor explained to the network “If a governor declines, he’ll go to the mayors in the state and ask them to lead.”

The official added “In many states, there is the capacity of mayors to institute mandates.”

Per NBC “Roughly 20 states already have mask mandates, and research suggests that universal use of masks could save more than 100,000 lives. The conversations follow on Biden’s plans to announce the names of scientists and other experts on his coronavirus task force Monday.”

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel said “I think masks are quite useful, but they have a place and they’re not the be all and end all.”

“I’m worried that mandating this with fines and such may actually lead to more of a rebellion against it,” he added.