REPORT: Biden now in favor of dumping filibuster to jam through multi-trillion dollar “overhaul of America”

According to a new report from Axios, President Biden is now willing to dump the filibuster and bypass bipartisanship in order to push through “what could amount to a $5 trillion-plus overhaul of America, and vast changes to voting, immigration and inequality.”

The report states “People close to Biden tell us he’s feeling bullish on what he can accomplish, and is fully prepared to support the dashing of the Senate’s filibuster rule to allow Democrats to pass voting rights and other trophy legislation for his party.”

Axios cited 4 specific reasons for his thought process:

  1. Full party control of Congress, which could be fleeting
  2. Party activists egging him on
  3. Strong gathering economic winds at his back
  4. Popularity in polls

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss told Axios he would compare the scale of what Biden is trying to achieve to FDR and LBJ, including the “New Deal.”

Axios also reports that Biden loves the growing narrative that he’s “bolder and bigger-thinking than Obama.”

Next on the list? “rural broadband expansion… make child tax credit permanent … landmark legislation on climate, guns, voting.”