REPORT: Biden has spoken to his top choices for VP and a decision is imminent

According to a new report from CBS News, Joe Biden has spoken to his top choices for his running mate and a decision is imminent.

According to the report, Biden has interviewed his top finalists, which are believed to include Kamala Harris, Susan Rice and Gretchen Whitmer. Aides to Karen Bass, Tammy Duckworth and Elizabeth Warren declined to comment if they also spoke with Biden and are believed to have also been in the mix.

Prediction markets favor Kamala Harris and Susan Rice as the two most likely picks and Biden is under intense pressure from outside groups to choose a black woman.

More than 100 prominent black Americans including Diddy, Chalamagne “The God” and Benjamin Crump signed a letter urging Biden to pick a Black woman as his running mate.

Biden has promised to pick a woman, but has not promised to pick a Black woman.

Several black women are believed to be in the mix however – including Kamala Harris, Susan Rice and Karen Bass.