REPORT: Bernie Even Beat Rivals in Nevada With Self-Described Moderates and Conservative Voters

Bernie Sanders’ win in Nevada was so overwhelming that he not only won the votes of liberal voters, but even won self described moderate and conservative voters over Biden.

Sanders also won Hispanic voters and came in 2nd with black voters to Biden, coming within single digits.

David Sirota tweeted:

Pundits for months: Bernie only gets support from the far left!

Actual results in an election:

From the NY Times

He performed well across a range of voters, winning men and women, union members and nonunion workers, and those who attended college and those who did not, according to entrance polls of caucusgoers.

Mr. Sanders not only won among self-described liberal voters, but also made inroads with moderates for the first time. Among self-described moderate or conservative caucusgoers, Mr. Sanders was the top vote-getter, albeit narrowly: He captured 25 percent of such voters, while Mr. Biden won 23 percent, according to entrance polls.

That was in part because many black and Hispanic voters described themselves as moderates, and because Mr. Sanders outpaced the field with Hispanics, taking 53 percent, and was second only to Mr. Biden among African-Americans. Mr. Biden captured 36 percent of black voters, while Mr. Sanders won 27 percent, the entrance polls showed.

Mr. Sanders made less progress with older voters, whom he has repeatedly struggled with, but claimed new evidence that his calls for “a political revolution” were motivating new voters. He won an extraordinary 66 percent of voters under 30, and dominated among the broader universe of voters who said they were attending their first caucuses, a demographic that made up just over half of the electorate.

Mr. Sanders’s performance will echo beyond Nevada and surely focus the minds of his rivals.