REPORT: Angry Utah Republicans Eye Recall of Mitt Romney

The “unimaginable” consequences Mitt Romney acknowledged would take place after his vote to convict president Trump have already begun.

Already calls have been made to possibly censure Romney, recall Romney, or boot him out of the Republican party.

Per TheHill, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, the only Republican to vote to convict President Trump on abuse of power during the impeachment trial this week, said he expects he’ll face “unimaginable” consequences for breaking with his party.

“I don’t know what they’ll be, there’s some I know,” Romney said in an interview released by New York Times’s “Daily” podcast Thursday, when asked what consequences he anticipates from the decision.

WashingtonTimes reports it’s unclear whether the GOP-dominated Legislature in Utah will advance censure or recall proposals. But Utah Republican House Speaker Brad Wilson did say there would be a separate resolution to send a message of appreciation to Trump for “the great work his administration has done.”

Republican Rep. Phil Lyman wants to censure Romney but nevertheless said he appreciates that the senator voted his conscience.

Lyman’s censure resolution says, “‘We’re unhappy that you took this position with the president, we think it’s disruptive nationally, we think it harms Utah, and we’ve got some damage control to do as a result of it.”

Asked about possible repercussions for Utah over Romney’s vote, Lyman said “relationships are important.”

A separate proposal would create a path to hold a vote on recalling a U.S. senator, and while it’s not directed specifically at Romney, interest picked up this week.