REPORT: 2020 Women’s March Draws Tiny Fraction of Previous Events as “Protest Fatigue” Sets In

The 2020 Women’s march drew a tiny fraction of previous crowds.

According to a report from USAToday, less than 10k attended in DC.

This is roughly 1/10th the number that turned out last year and 1/50th that purportedly showed up in 2017.

Rita Brock from Virginia told WUSA “Well, it’s been shrinking ad you know, that just tends to happen. You get one huge thing and then people splinter off and go into other movements.”

Others believe that “protest fatigue” may be setting in, which could be a bad Omen for Democrats in an election year.

“Yes, there is protest fatigue, but it’s also in­cred­ibly hard for people to sustain high levels of engagement with a polarized, 24/7 news environment for years at a time,” UConn researcher Jeremy Pressman told the Washington Post. .

USA Today reports beset by internal wrangling, divergent strategies and perhaps a bit of protest fatigue in some quarters, Women’s March activists turned out by the thousands Saturday, hoping that grit and determination might make up for the absence of the millions who hit the streets across the country in 2017.

Like the first protest a day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the national Women’s March rallied in Washington, D.C., while sister marches took place in Chicago, New York, Milwaukee, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, among other cities.

Marches and events were also held across five continents in cities like Oslo, Norway; Chiang Mai, Thailand; and Lagos, Nigeria.

Organizers had expected less than 10,000 in D.C. for this year’s “Women Rising” march — about a tenth of the 100,000 or so who turned out last year on an equally snowy and windy day, and a fraction of the 500,000 who jammed the street in 2017.