Rep. Zeldin Calls Mitt Romney Schiff’s “Sore Loser Buddy”

In a scathing tweet, Rep. Lee Zeldin accused Mitt Romney of acting from a place of being a sore loser.

Zeldin wrote:

Mitt Romney absolutely despises that Donald Trump was elected POTUS & he was not.

The sore loser mentality launched this sham impeachment & corruptly rigged & jammed it through the House.

It looks like Schiff recruited himself a sore loser buddy on the GOP side to play along.

Several Twitter users replied to Zeldin and agreed.

Romney announced that he will vote to impeach President Trump. Where was he during 8 years of Obama’s real scandals!

Mitt needs to go asap -he is a black mark on the GOP. He is not only angry he did not win, he is upset he was not chosen as SOS. Mitt and Nancy should sit together next time and they can exchange knowing glances with each other and rip up the speech together.

@MittRomney votes to convict. With NO WITNESSES. Case is WEAK. Mitt is a loser. NOT a Republican. If I was a staffer in his office, I would resign. Who wants that on your resume? NOT ME

Just re-elect Trump in November. Get Jones out of Alabama. And retake the House.

Mittens means nothing!!

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