Rep. Zeldin Accuses Schiff of Cherry Picking Leaks, Withholding Key Facts, and Outright Lying

In a recent tweet, Rep. Lee Zeldin accuses Schiff of “trying to get the US drunk on his favorite cocktail.”

Adam Schiff is trying to get the US drunk on his favorite cocktail:

There are three main ingredients: (1) Cherry-picking leaks, (2) withholding key facts, and (3) outright lying.

Fox News reports House Democrats leading the Trump impeachment inquiry are “cherry-picking what to leak,” House Foreign Affairs committee member Congressman Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., claimed Saturday.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends: Weekend” with host Ed Henry, Zeldin said Democrats aren’t being upfront with the American public.

“They’re withholding key facts. They’re lying about other claims and the American public gets completely deceived as a result of it,” he said.


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