Rep. Richmond accuses Barr of “systematic racism” for not bringing black people among his “top staff”

Moments ago, Rep. Cedric Richmond attacked AG William Barr on the basis of not having black people among his “top staff” that he brought along with him when he got the position of Attorney General.

Richmond made the point Barr had this in common with both former acting AG Whitaker and Sessions.

Richmond then says “that sir is systematic racism. That is exactly what John Lewis spent his life fighting” and suggests Barr keep the name of John Lewis out of the DOJ’s mouth.

Rep. Cedric Richmond: “When you all came here and brought your top staff, you brought no Black people. That, sir, is systematic racism… You really should keep the name of the Honorable John Lewis out of the Department of Justice’s mouth.”

Tim Young wrote:

Hey Cedric Richmond, it’s “systemic racism,” not “systematic racism.” If you’re going to accuse Bill Barr of it, the least you can do is get the terminology right.