Rep. Lee Zeldin’s attacker arrested on federal assault charges

Rep. Lee Zeldin was attacked at a campaign event Saturday afternoon. The man who tried to stab him has now been arrested on federal assault charges.


NRO reported “The man suspected of trying to stab New York representative and Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin claimed he didn’t know who Zeldin was or that he was a “political person,” authorities said Saturday as they arrested the alleged assailant on federal assault charges.

David G. Jakubonis approached Zeldin on Thursday as the Republican was giving a speech in Monroe County as part of his gubernatorial campaign against incumbent Democrat Kathy Hochul. Jakubonis grabbed Zeldin’s arm while holding a keychain with two sharp points and said, “you’re done,” several times during the attack, according to FBI special agent Timothy J. Klapec.”

Per Fox News:

David Jakubonis is scheduled to make his first court appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Marion W. Payson Saturday. Zeldin is running for New York governor as a Republican.

Jakubonis, 43 of Fairport, New York, has been charged with attempted assault in the second degree on the state level. He was arraigned in Perinton Town Court and released on his own recognizance after the Thursday attack.

Before Jakubonis’ release, Zeldin predicted that the suspect would be released. Zeldin has promised to fire district attorneys that do not enforce the law.

A man allegedly tried to attack Rep. Lee Zeldin during a campaign stop in New York Thursday night. Pictured above is the weapon. (Zeldin Campaign)