Rep. Jackson Lee Says Biden Border Plan “Does Not Look Like It’s Working at This Time”

Appearing on MSNBC, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said “Jonathan, we have a situation that is a humanitarian concern. We do have issues with any number of children. The numbers are coming up, but I will say that the Biden administration has met with members of Congress. They have a plan.”

She then admitted “The plan does not look like it’s working at this time, but you have to get it implemented.”

“We need to put in more resources so that our asylum protocols can go quickly and those that do not meet the standards,” she continued, “they have to be returned safely and securely,” Lee continued. “But what the administration is saying that they’re not going to cage children. They’re not going to turn children back to their deaths. They’re not going to have young girls, 13 years old, subject to rape and pilage. And so it does look a little unseemly. But these are human beings. And so, they’re not coming to endanger our lives. They’re coming basically to save their lives.”