Rep. Greene responds after 73 House Dems support resolution to expel her from Congress

Seventy-three House Democrats are co-sponsoring a resolution to expel GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress.

The resolution is being led by Rep. Jimmy Gomez, a California Democrat.

Rep. Green responded with a series of tweets.

Greene wrote:

There is nothing more threatening to Democrats than strong Republican Women!!! Democrats are trying overturn the will of the People who voted for both myself and @millermeeks.

House Democrats have declared war on House Republican Women!

Greene then tweeted:

In Nancy Pelosi’s America, I’ve been expelled from Congress! And that’s exactly what the Democrats are introducing TOMORROW: a Resolution to expel & remove me from office for the mere crime of standing with the People, not the politicians! Chip in now!

Greene later tweeted:

Democrats have declared me Public Enemy Number One.

Tomorrow, 72+ radical Socialists are introducing a resolution to EXPEL me from Congress.

And it’s all because I stand for the PEOPLE over politicians.

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