Rep. Greene eviscerates Cori Bush in tweet storm “You don’t care about the people, you only care about you”

Moments ago, Rep. Greene (R-GA) blasted Democrat Rep. Cori Bush in a series of tweets.

Greene began by writing

@CoriBush you are a hypocrite and an elitist. You don’t care about the people, you only care about you. You want to eradicate police from existence, take away guns to leave Americans defenseless, and create lawlessness all over our country.

Greene added in additional tweets.

You will pay endless amounts of money for private security for yourself because your security is clearly more important than the taxpayers who pay your salary and for your private security. Look at what you did to the McCloskeys.

You led the mob into their neighborhood and they threatened to kill the McCloskeys. The McCloskeys lawfully stood their ground using their legal & constitutional #2A rights, then they were stripped of their rights as punishment for not caving to your lawless mob.

Thankfully the Governor pardoned them returning their right to bear arms, so they can defend themselves. I see you Cori. Faith healer. I don’t think so, liar. I’ve seen you lie after you attacked me, then get a bigger office. Liar. You’re a manipulator.

Climbing the ladder of power by deceptively using any and every tool you can find.

You are the BLM domestic terrorist Congresswoman who only represents the lawless rioters who devastated American cities in 2020 causing billions in damage resulting in deaths.

Your policies don’t help the people you claim to care about.

Your policies destroy their communities with skyrocketing crime from no police protection, destroy the economy and kill their jobs, and destroy the family unit which hurts the most vulnerable – the children.

Oh yeah, I see you Cori.

And so does everyone else.