Rep. Greene accuses Dems, media, and GOP establishment of fighting “full transparent election audits”

Saturday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) accused Democrats, the media and establishment Republicans of fighting “full transparent election audits?”

Greene tweeted:

The only way to solve problems & end disagreements is to analyze the truth openly for all to see.

So why do the Democrats, media, and Republican establishment fight full transparent election audits?

And why aren’t we all together investigating the origins and funding of covid?

For we all together have suffered the past year, along with the entire world from covid, we all together should be investigating how it happened and who payed for it in order to never allow it to happen again.

This is for the good of everyone.

And if we all are ever going to trust our elections & come together as Americans, then everyone should be in agreement to allow for full transparent audits of the elections in states that are in question.

To see the truth & put it to rest.

This is how we care for one another.