Rep. Cohen Threatens to Use the Sergeant-at-Arms to Drag Barr to Hearing

In a shocking twist, Rep. Cohen, who recently ate a bucket of KFC on the House Floor in a stunt designed to protest of AG Barr refusing to testify, is now threatening to use the Sergeant-at-Arms to drag Barr into the hearing.

Here is Cohen eating KFC on the House floor.

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You’ll also recall Cohen was the Rep. who received massive backlash after he said he wanted to give disgraced former FB agent Peter Strzok a “purple heart.

Real Clear Politics reported that Cohen told Peter Strzok that he deserves a purple heart for how the Republicans were treating him during the hearing.

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William Barr refused to testify at Thursday’s House hearing, just a day after testifying in the Senate for well over 6 hours.

Politico reported that the Justice Department issued a double-barreled rebuff to Democrats on Wednesday, informing the House Judiciary Committee that Attorney General William Barr would not show up for his scheduled testimony before the panel and that the department would not comply with a subpoena for special counsel Robert Mueller’s full report.

The Thursday hearing, which was set to examine Barr’s handling of Mueller’s report, would have included an extra hour to allow committee lawyers to question the attorney general. The Justice Department had argued it would be inappropriate for staffers to question a Cabinet member, and as a result, Barr backed out.

Now, Cohen wants to create another stunt, by dragging the AG into the hearing like a common criminal.

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From Breitbart 

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” House Judiciary Committee member Steve Cohen (D-TN) stated that if Attorney General William Barr doesn’t comply with the committee’s subpoenas, the committee has “no other alternative” but to use the sergeant at arms to bring Barr to the House.

Cohen said, “I hope it would be inherent contempt. Because in inherent contempt, we’d go out, take him, and bring him in, and have him personally brought to the House.”

Host Anderson Cooper asked, “You actually want to send out the sergeant at arms and force the attorney general to come?”

Cohen answered, “Yes. Because otherwise, it’s up to the Justice Department. The Justice Department is not going to do anything to take a contempt citation from us, and enforce it against their boss. So, you’ve got an impossible situation there, and it leaves us no other alternative except to use our sergeant at arms and to bring him in.”