Rep. Chip Roy shares photos from harrowing trip to southern border, writes “This is what they don’t want the media to be able to report”

Monday, Republican Rep. Chip Roy shared details and photos from his recent trip to the Southern Border.

Roy tweeted “This CBP facility in Donna, TX is built to hold 250 people. Right now it’s holding 5,700 in the middle of a pandemic. This is what the #BidenBorderCrisis really looks like. This is what they don’t want the media to be able to report.”

Roy tweeted moments ago “Been walking and driving along Rio Grande – watching traffic, looking at paths, debris, and lookouts…it’s time to end #BidensBorderCrisis and #SecureTheBorder NOW”

Earlier Roy wrote a 7 part thread.

“I spent much of last night riding & walking the Rio Grande with
@bpunion on the US-MX border in Laredo. While doing so, I witnessed 15 apprehensions. All but 1 were 18+ & all were male except for one girl. @CBP had a fraction of normal manpower… (1/7)”

“… b/c many agents are in the RGV &/or processing kids & family units… all making it impossible to hold the flow amid cartel (CDN) control of the border. Here, while these 7 were held, the
@cbp agents waited over an hour for transport leaving that spot unguarded. (2/7)”

“…here, we saw these apprehensions (Guatemala), then minutes later dodged a vehicle several blocks away driving rapidly thru the neighborhood by young male w/ no headlights. He was nabbed & turned out to be the pickup man… (3/7)”

“…After 4 more apprehensions downtown – but also some got-aways, we & @cbp were standing next to the river – causing these three to wade/swim back to the Nuevo Laredo side… no doubt temporarily… (4/7)”

“…because as we learned in this conversation with one agent patrolling a 3 mile stretch after he’d tried unsuccessfully to track down a drug run through a hot spot… there just isn’t enough wall / manpower / assets to do the job… (5/7)”

“…so therefore cartels get enriched, Mexico & Central American lose people & become narco-states, children get exploited, drugs flow into America, our citizens are endangered, & our social services continue to bankrupt us… in the false name of compassion… (6/7)”

“…all solvable problems if Dems (& some hypocritical
@gop) would choose to take basic steps of fence/assets & simple one page fixes to asylum & catch/release laws to secure our border rather than play crass politics w/ lives of Americans & immigrants. #BidenBorderCrisis (7/7)”