WATCH: Rep. Chip Roy blasts Biden admin’s handling of border, says Harris “has done nothing”

Appearing on Fox News, Texas Republican Chip Roy blatsted President Biden’s handling of the border arguing that cartels have “operational control.”

Roy also accused VP Harris of doing “nothing.”

“Cartels have operational control of our border. Period,” Roy said. “Anybody who’s following it knows that. Tamaulipas, the state right across the border from Texas is run by the dangerous cartels, the Reynosa faction of the Gulf Cartel and the Cartel del Noreste of Los Zetas. They are using human beings as shields for profit. They’re moving people into Texas, into our communities, into San Antonio, which I represent. We’ve stopped vehicles with human beings that are being sent to stash houses in Houston to be used for profit and human trafficking and sex trafficking…

“This is happening in the most powerful nation in the world. We’re allowing this to occur and Democrats refuse to do anything about it. Kamala Harris has been on the job for a month. Literally. She has done nothing. She’s not gone to the border. She’s done nothing to address this,” he added.