Rep. Blumenthal Vows Lindsey Graham Will “Regret” Investigating Biden

Friday, 2020 candidate Joe Biden angrily reacted to Lindsey Grahams’s decision to formally request documents related to Hunter and Ukraine from Secretary Pompeo with anger. “Lindsey is about to go down in a way that I think he’s going to regret his whole life,” Biden said, adding Trump is “holding power” over him.

Graham doubled down Monday, tweeting:

I love Joe Biden as a person but we are not going to give a pass to what is obviously a conflict of interest.

I believe Hunter Biden’s association on the Burisma board doesn’t pass the smell test.

If a Republican was in the same position, they’d certainly be investigated!

Appearing on “All in” with Chris Hayes, Blumenthal vowed Graham would “regret” investigating Biden.


Well, closeness in politics is all relative and frankly, I really regret that he has launched on this course.

I think he’ll regret it, too, because not only is it completely spurious. He knows it’s been debunked. It also, in fact, relying on this insane, as you correctly call it, conspiracy theory involving Ukraine endangers our national security.

This Ukrainian theory is one of the central tenants and tropes of Russian propaganda and disinformation.”

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